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How do you correctly apply rings around a planet such as Saturn? I made a flat disc and then removed the center so I have a basic "washer" to go around my planet and I have two different maps that are various pin stripes and a transparency map of the same nature, but no matter which method of applying them via the object properties box I get an unwanted result.

Answer:Your probable problem is that you're modelling the center hole via boolean which is making your mapping hard to do.

Create a 2-D circle of the correct diameter (if you want a hint of depth, extrude it ever so slightly, but remember, compared to the planet, Saturn's rings are infinitesimally thin).

Slap on your circular color map, and the appropriate stencil map (not transparency map, though a wee bit of transparency wouldn't hurt, as close up, the rings are slightly translucent) and et voila, Saturn's rings.

Since the stencil map renders the center of the texture invisible, it doesn't matter if the hole is physically in the object or not.

If you really want your disc to be a ring, not a disc, you can specify the center hole in the 2D filled disc shape via the object properties. (something I keep forgetting)

Then all you need to do is use flat or decal mapping, and it should work out ok. You may have to play with rotating the texture, though.

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