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Crashing in Vista - When I render anything my CPU usage hits the roof even with Raytracing, and Soft Shadows crashes my machine. I'm running Vista Ultimate on a 64 bit PC, 4Gb Ram and an Intel Duo core CPU at 2 x 266Ghz.

First, make sure you eliminate obvious causes such as overly complex models or a lack of processing power.

If those are not an issue, here are a few other possibilities:

- A driver issue. Strata makes use of Open GL, and sometimes a GL driver conflict can cause problems. In most cases, this can be resolved by updating to the latest drivers. In some cases an older driver is needed to resolve the problem.

- Bad RAM - this happens rarely, but has been the issue with a couple of users.

- Overheating - Strata 3D CX is very processor intensive and can work the computer more than most applications. 

You can also:

- Reset the preferences in Design 3D. Go to the Preferences menu and click Reset, then Quit and relaunch the program. If you've set some preference different than the defaults you'll want to make those changes.

- Run Strata 3D CX in Safe mode for a while and see if the system crashes go away. If they do, then it could be a driver issue or a conflict with a third party system utility/program that is normally running in the regular system mode.

- Run a 3D game demo - a shoot 'em up type game, which is processor, memory and graphic card intensive. If the system holds up after constant playing for 30 minutes to an hour, then you could be looking at a driver issue.

- Run a Memory (RAM) test utility to test for possible hardware problems.

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