Can Live 3D be used for walk-through applications?

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2010-10-15 00:23

Yes. Strata Live 3D includes a nice look-and-feel template for basic walk-through navigation.

In addition to other options available, Live 3D can also be used to create walk-through-style web tours for environmental design, interior design, architectural applications and more. When you use the menu command Export > Web > Walk-Through your web tour will be exported with a special Navigation Bar designed for this type of project. 

The following recommendations will help you author web tours with walk-through navigation: 

From the Sequences & Views palette, select the Initial view from the Jump to View menu. Next, click on the Change View Definition button. Set the camera distance to zero, to bring the viewer into the scene. Use the Advanced tab to adjust the exact location of the camera. 

Create scripts which take the viewer to various points of interest. Give each script a camera track, and edit the camera waypoint to move the camera center location to the desired location. The user will then be able to “walk” starting at this place. 

If the model has multiple floors, be sure to create scripts which take the user to each level. The applet will not allow the user to change elevation, by default. 

You may need to edit the HTML to change the walking speed (look for the variable walkSpeed). The walking speed is based on model units, so very large or very small units in the original model may give you unexpected results in the walk-through presentation. See the next section for instructions on editing the HTML file.

Export using Export > Web > Walk-Through

NOTE: There is currently no viewer feature available for collision detection or elevation grid support. This puts the viewer in what’s commonly called in 3D games “God Mode” – with the viewer being able to walk through walls, etc. This has both benefits and drawbacks.

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