CX 7.x - Once I generate a UV map, how do I export it for texturing?

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2013-11-01 11:55

Either do a screen grab of the UV window, or export the UV window to a bitmap format. Enlarge the UV window as large as it'll go on your monitor and save it as a tiff or jpg. This can then be opened in Photoshop for use as a template.

Once you have your image map(s) worked up, create an image texture in Design3D and import the bitmap image into one of the channels. Then apply that image texture to the object.

If the material is applied directly to a polygon mesh it will be automatically set to UV mapping mode. If it is applied to a group or instance, it will apply in Planar projection mode and will need to be changed to UV mapping mode in the Textures and FX panel of the Object Properties palette.

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