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CX 7.x - How do I use the Keyboard Shortcuts feature?

Design 3D CX 7 has a powerful and comprehensive mechanism for assigning keyboard shortcuts. This new feature lets you set your own custom keyboard shortcuts for almost all modeling commands, menu commands, edit modes, tools, palettes, etc.

You can access this new feature through the Edit menu > Keyboard Shortcuts. When you select this command, a dialog appears where you can locate the functions ones you want and assign new shortcuts for them.

In the dialog, you can also choose from default and custom shortcut sets, save your own custom sets, or export a printable html summary of a shortcut set. Shortcut sets are saved in a special .sks format, which can be stored or shared with other users.

NOTE: Resetting Design 3D's Preferences will erase any unsaved custom hotkeys you have set in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog.

To save your customized keyboard shortcuts, use the Save Set button in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog to save an .sks file. After resetting your preferences, you can use the Load button to import your custom shortcut set back into Design 3D.

For more information see Chapter 22 of the User Guide, or the new v7 tutorials on the 

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