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QTVR - Can I make QuickTime VR movies with Design 3D CX 6 or 7?

Yes, you can render a QuickTime VR panorama with Design 3D. Strata doesn't create the QT VR file, just the rendering to be used in the panorama.

The QuickTime VR Panorama simulates a camera with a 360° panoramic lens. You will need to render through a Camera window.

Once you have inserted a camera into your model, go to the camera's Object Properties palette. In the Type menu, select Panorama. This sets an appropriate aspect ratio.

There are also some settings in the Render dialog. In the Render dialog > Size pop-up menu, choose Panorama Large or Panorama Small. 

After you complete the rendering, you will need to use a third-party tool to compile the image into a QTVR Panorama file. Here is one we've heard of:

For more information, see Chapter 21 in the User Guide, located in the Design 3D CX Help menu.

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