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Textures - Can I retain the textures when exporting to OBJ or Collada?

Exported geometry and textures will not look exactly the same in different 3D software applications, however you can transfer much of the data in a Strata model file to another application by exporting with the OBJ and Collada formats. 

 -If exporting a shape or group with textures applied, the shape will be converted to a poly mesh, and the textures may be lost. To export most of the textures, you need to ungroup down to the most basic level on Shapes and Groups. You can Select All, then UnGroup until nothing further happens. Then you will be able to export with most textures intact.

-Not all channels of our textures are supported by other 3D software, so some texture attributes will not be present in the export. 

 -Some textures are a combination of different image maps, such as diffuse color, stencil, etc. Not all map types are supported on export.

-You may only be able to export one texture per object, depending on the export format and the version of Design 3D.

-The Embedded Reflection channel of a texture is not supported on export.


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