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HDR Light Studio 4 (standalone version from Lightmap Limited) - does it work with Design 3D CX 8?

To take full advantage of the new Design 3D CX 8 HDR Light Studio connection feature you must have the “HDR Light Studio for Strata” plugin version.  Without the Strata plugin version of HDRLS, you won’t have the benefit of setting up your lightdome lighting interactively within your Strata projects.

That said, you can load HDRI images created and saved using HDR Light Studio 4 (standalone version from Lightmap Limited) into a background in Design 3D CX 8 and then use that background for your Lightdome lighting.  However, this method is not interactive and setting up project specific lighting cannot be quickly and easily fine tuned this way.

This plugin was jointly developed by the engineering teams at Strata and Lightmap. We believe you’ll find the implementation of the LightPaint feature and the Strata interface to be a tremendous boost to your creative workflow.

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