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What's the difference between Design 3D CX, CXi and SE?

Design 3D CX 7 is our flagship product, and it includes all available features.

Design 3D CXi 7 is available only through the Mac App Store. It includes all of the features of Design 3D CX except PDF (AI) and U3D import and the CS4/CS5.x Photoshop 3D plug-ins. CXi does support importing Illustrator EPS v8 files.

Design 3D SE 7 is also available only in the Mac App store, and is a limited version of the software. SE has a lot of the same powerful modeling tools as our other software, but with a limited feature set. Design 3D SE 7 supports importing Illustrator EPS v8 files.

You can find a chart comparing the features of all three products on this page:    









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