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Nested Nodes - 2002-04-11


What is a nested node?

Answer:When you create a group of objects, then rotate, move, scale, add a texture, or add any other infomation to that group, that grouping has information that must be held to show any alteration that was applied to it. When you use the ungroup comand on an object or shape, the information for each object is stored as a nested node.

How to avoid nested nodes

To avoid nested nodes you need to know that when you create a group, then add any other infomation to that group, that new information must be held to show the alteration. Now, when you decide you need to ungroup that grouping, the information must be transferred to each individual object of the group. The nested node is the result of that information being maintained by an object. To avoid this from happening, you can double click on the grouping and a group window will appear that will allow you to manipulate the objects individually. This is where a texture should be applied to avoid nested surface shader information. This also applies to working with shape objects.

How to delete a nested node

If you need to get rid of an existing nested node, open it up in the project window and delete all of the numeric entries. Then, in the Plus Menu (which is in the upper right hand corner of the project window and looks like -+-) select "Delete empty attribute."

How to delete a texture that is a nested node

If you want to remove the influence of a texture that exists as a nested node you need to know the following:

The texture information cannot be removed or deleted without removing the whole nested node. However, you can negate the effect of the texture. In the nested node, you will see a subcategory titled surface shader. Turn down the arrow and find the texture name and edit button. Click the edit button and set the stencil field to 0 percent. (NOTE: if there is a map in the stencil map field, remove it.) This will allow any textures applied to the object to appear through the nested surface shader. (NOTE: Nested surface shaders are always the main texture that will render on the object, regardless of any other textures applied to the object. Thus the suggestion above.)

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