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How do I install HDR Light Studio and the Picture Lights?


HDR Light Studio for Strata Design 3D CX 8


HDR Light Studio for Strata is a plugin application for use with Strata Design 3D CX 8. It is not a standalone application - it requires Design 3D to launch it from the Lights tab of the Environment palette.  

The HDR Light Studio for Strata plug-in application works directly with the Lightdome feature in Design 3D and creates custom, editable high dynamic range images that can light your model, be used for reflections and be visible in your renderings.

Light your shots placing lights and reflections directly onto the 3D view – with a dynamic HDRI map generated on the fly. This revolutionary lighting technique allows 3D artists to light their shots faster and produces stunning final renders.

Revolutionize the lighting process inside Strata Design 3D CX 8.

HDR Light Studio lets you easily create and edit HDRI environment maps in real-time. As you develop your custom HDRI map you see its light, reflection and visible background in real-time with Design 3D's new LiveRay technology.

Click on your 3D model to move the active light to a new location on the HDRI map that will illuminate or be reflected in that part of your 3D model. We call this point and click approach to lighting your shot 'LightPaint'.

HDR Light Studio is much more than a HDRI editor - it's a revolutionary new lighting tool that fits into your existing workflow. It's the fastest way to get your lighting vision out of your head, and onto the screen.

Installation Instructions

Drag and drop the icon onto the Applications folder icon right in the installer window.  HDR Light Studio for Strata will be copied to the Applications folder.

After installing HDR Light Studio, launch Design 3D CX 8.  In the License Manager click on the 15-day trial button or enter your license number and click the "Activate HDR Light Studio" button.

Be sure to also download the Picture Lights package and install those to take full advantage of HDR Light Studio for Strata.

To download the Picture Lights package click on the download link located in your order email receipt.  

After downloading the "Picture Lights for HDRLS Strata.dmg" file, double-click to open it, read the installation instructions and install the Picture light “hpd” files where instructed.

How to Launch HDR Light Studio for Strata

- Open Design 3D CX 8

- Open a new or existing Strata project

- Optional Step: Load a background as a Lightdome using the "Lightdome" menu

- HDR Light Studio projects are applied to your model's "Lightdome"

- Click on the HDRLS edit button in the lightdome layer in the Environments > Lights panel or click on the Lightdome drawer control on the left side of the Lightdome layer and in the fly out drawer click on the “Edit HDR Light Studio Lighting” button.

- If you don't have a background loaded, Design 3D will create one for you

This will open HDR Light Studio.  Begin adding or editing light sources and watch the Design 3D interactive render update to show your lighting changes on the fly.

For more information about using HDR Light Studio go to the HDR Light Studio Help Menu and select “User Guide”.  You can also find some information in the Design 3D CX 8 User Guide and videos in the Getting Started dialog - both can be found in the Design 3D CX 8 "Help" Menu.

We hope that you find HDR Light Studio to be a valuable tool for lighting your Strata projects.

Purchasing HDR Light Studio for Strata

If you haven’t purchased HDR Light Studio for Strata already, you can do so on the Strata Store.


HDR Light Studio for Strata - Picture Light Installation


Picture lights are just what the name sounds like - high dynamic range images of actual light sources. These can include windows, light sources, light diffusers, etc.

Picture Light Installation

Install the Picture Lights into the Warehouse folder. You can do this following these instructions:

  1. Install Design 3D CX 8
  2. Install the HDR Light Studio for Strata plugin application
  3. Run Design 3D CX 8 and either activate or start a trial of HDR Light Studio
  4. Create a New Project for Design 3D CX
  5. From Design 3D's "Environment" palette:
    • Select the "Lights" panel
    • Click the "Lightdome" layer to open the drawer
    • Click on the "Edit HDR Light Studio Lighting" button
    • HDR Light Studio will start up
  6. From HDR Light Studio's "Help" menu choose "Open Warehouse Directory"
    • The "Warehouse" folder will open in your Mac's Finder in it's own window
  7. Click the "Cancel Session" button in the upper right of the HDR Light Studio session
  8. Go to your Mac's Finder to locate the open Warehouse window
  9. Drag the Picture Lights .hdp files into the Warehouse folder window
  10. Restart Design 3D

The next time you run Design 3D CX 8 the Picture Lights will be available in HDR Light Studio for Strata.

Enjoy all the creative freedom you get with Strata and HDR Light Studio!


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