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Animation path - How do I attach an object to a bezier path?

You can use the Convert to Path tool to convert a 2D object into an animation path. 

Select the Convert to Path Tool from the Tool palette, then select the object that you want to animate.

When the object highlights, drag the cursor to the 2D line that you want to convert into an animation path. The path also highlights, showing that the selection is complete.

When you release the mouse button, the 2D object changes into a path for the first object you selected.

If the Remove Curve checkbox is checked in the Tool Setting dialog, the 2D path object is removed from your model. If this box is unchecked, the 2D object converts to a path for the specified object, but it also remains as a 2D object in your model.

For more information, see Chapter 16 in the Design 3D CX 7 User Guide, which is located in the Help menu of the application.

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