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I'm having trouble getting my complex project to fold. It's got many segments and fold lines, and the Fold button never becomes active.

You may find many lines that have not been assigned to be Crease or Cut lines that should be, or you may be selecting elements in your design that aren't meant to be part of the folded project (such as surface design elements like a photo, or a notation element such as a dimension call-out).

The Fold button only becomes active when you have _only_ Cut and Crease lines selected.

There are a several ways to tell if a selected line is assigned to either Cut or Crease:

- First is the color of the line. Lines assigned to be Crease lines will display in red. Lines assigned to Cut will display in black - of course, black is the default line color in Illustrator, so that may not be too helpful.

- The second method is to select the line, then look at the Enfold 3D Make palette. If it is either a Cut or Crease line the indicator in that palette will get a highlighted border around the color swatch (around the red square next to the word "Crease" for example).

- The third way to tell is use the Illustrator Color palette. With the line portion of the controller in the Color palette forward, the name of the line type will appear below the color slider (Cut or Crease) if it has been assigned to one of these Enfold line types. 

Sometimes in a very complex design with many small segments it's possible to have a line that hasn't been assigned to either Cut or Crease. One tool you can use to make sure that each of the many line segments is correctly assigned is the "Select All Cuts and Creases" button located to the left of the Check button in the Enfold 3D Make palette. What this does is show you (by virtue of not being selected) which lines are not currently assigned. Click the button, zoom in on the lines and pan around. 

You can quickly check your design using the Select > All command (found in the Select menu). First, make sure you hide or remove any lines that aren't meant to be part of the folded design (such as art or dimensions). When you've successfully assigned all of your lines the Fold button will become active.

Some projects will contain many segments that are very, very small. If you have trouble finding them all, you can use the "Select All Cuts and Creases" button, then drag the selection off of the art board area. Then do a drag-select on the art board so that you can see where the small elements are that are still unassigned.

Once you see where the unassigned elements are, do an undo (to move the assigned elements back into place on the art board), and then go in and assign the proper line type to the unassigned elements.

There are other strategies you can pursue to make sure you've successfully assigned all of the lines in your design, but the above provides a few techniques you can easily use.

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