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Why do I keep getting "Gap" error warnings when I try to fold up my design?

There are several things that will prompt a gap error while working in Enfold 3D:

- First make sure that your template is constructed properly. All of the exterior lines should be Cut lines. Check to make sure that Cut lines and Fold lines are defined correctly.

- Make sure that you have selected all of the appropriate lines before you try to fold up the box. If you don't have all of the cut and fold lines selected when you click the Fold button in the 3D Make palette, Enfold will be unable to find the box faces, and will show an error message.

- If you are still seeing gap errors, you have unacceptable gaps in the cut or fold lines. Correcting these gaps is covered in the User Guide.

The User Guide is located in Illustrator's Help menu > Strata Enfold 3D CX. See the section "Check the die and remove inaccuracies." Enfold can correct for some gaps, while others will need to be corrected.

You can use the Trim and Extend tool to manually correct some gaps. You may also need to adjust the Automatic Correction values in the Fold Selection window.

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