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Hidden control keys in 3D PDFs

There are some built-in debugging features that Strata Live 3D CX puts into every Strata Live 3D PDF.

To avoid end-users of the PDF from accidentally enabling these features, they are protected by a simple password: 777. To access these functions, open a 3D PDF using Adobe Reader, click in the 3D area of the page, and type 777. Now you can type other keys to trigger different actions:

W - Switch to Wireframe rendering mode and back.

I - Switch to Illustration rendering mode and back.

S - Switch to Solid and Illustration rendering mode and back.

C - Display contents. This displays some information about the model: the version of Strata Live 3D U3D Exporter, version of Adobe runtime, object count, polygon count, texture count and texture size.

L - Avoid zoom-in Limits (useful if you want to zoom-in closer than is allowed by default).

B - Starts/stops Benchmarking mode in which model starts rotating. When you stop benchmarking, you will be shown an average FPS (frames per second) for your model.

F - Displays FPS. To measure FPS precisely use this in Benchmarking mode. Press B, wait 5 seconds, and then press F.

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