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Interface flickering - I'm having some flickering and strange redraws in the modeling window.

This sounds like a problem with your video card drivers.

To correct the problem, go to the card manufacturer's website and download the latest set of drivers to your Desktop.

Restart your computer in Safe Mode and use the Device Manager to remove all video card drivers you find. Restart back into Normal Mode but DO NOT let Windows install any drivers during startup, or it will just replace the older versions you just removed.

Once the computer has finished booting up, run the installer you previously downloaded, then Restart one more time and give Strata another try. You may also need to turn off any OpenGL Acceleration settings in the card's drivers.

If the latest drivers version does not fix the problem, try the same procedure using an older version of the drivers.

Also check the video card driver's settings. Most video cards have an OpenGL or hardware acceleration setting somewhere and it is usually set to a higher speed for game playing. Strata doesn't like the acceleration so look for that setting and set it to normal or something lower than default value.

If you have the nVidia GT type video cards you'll want the latest version of the drivers, 91.31 as of December 2010, and you'll want to turn off OpenGL Threading.

There is a thread on this topic on the StrataCafe Forums with some screen captures showing where the settings are in the drivers and what you want to set them to. Check here.

Some laptops with integrated video chips require all hardware acceleration to be turned off. Right-click on the Desktop and choose the Properties command. Go to the Settings tab, click the Advanced button then go to the Troubleshoot tab and set Hardware Acceleration all the way off.

There has been in the past a problem with nVidia's drivers and dual-core processors. We believe this issue has been resolved by nVidia, but it is something to be aware of depending on what computer system and drivers you have.

There is thread about this on the Cafe Forums along with instructions for modifying your registry to work around the problem until nVidia fixes their drivers. Check here.

If the procedure above doesn't fix the problem then the issue may be a conflict between your video card drivers and your printer drivers, although this is rare. First check for new versions of the driver for your Default Printer.

If that doesn't help and you are using an inkjet printer try setting your Default Printer to a laser printer. If it is a laser, try an inkjet. If neither of those clears the problem set the Default Printer to a pdf printer. If you have two video cards, then there may also be a conflict between the two video card's drivers. If none of the above helps, try removing one of the cards and its associated drivers.

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