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How do I use a custom grid or guide?

The ability to create custom grids and guides and use them while modeling is a very powerful feature of Strata Design 3D CX. Grids and guides allow you to constrain the creation and movement of objects and object elements with great precision.

In addition to the standard grids that are always present in your model, you can create grids in any location or orientation. Design 3D also provides default and custom guides. Guides are very similar to grids, however they are one-dimensional, while grids exist in two dimensions.

Like grids, guides constrain the movement of objects or the elements that make up objects: faces, edges and points (vertices). Default guides exist in every model, while custom guides are created as needed.

Custom grids and guides can be created and used in the main Modeling window, in Poly Edit mode and in UV Edit mode. In all modes, grids and guides provide a way to precisely control the position and movement of objects, groups and elements. In Edit mode, you can set up a custom guide or grid exactly where you need it, and then move an object's surfaces, edges or vertices (points) with great precision.

The creation and use of custom grids and guides is described in the User Guide, Chapter 4 - Advanced Modeling. See also Chapter 6 - Polygonal Mesh Objects and Chapter 11 - UV Editing. The User Guide is located in the Help menu of Design 3D.

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