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StudioPro 2.x - QuickTimeVR - 2002-04-11

How to convert a QT movie into a QTVR Object movie

If you want to convert a QuickTime movie/Image into a QTVR Object/QTVR Panorama file you will need Apple's QuickTimeVR Utility to convert the movie into a QTVR.

Making a QTVR-Ready Movie in SSP

To make a QTVR Object ready movie, open the file that has the object that you want. Open the QuickTime VR Object Camera file on the Strata StudioPro Installer CD located at: Strata StudioPro» 2.1.1 (CD) > Tutorial Ä> Stationary > QuickTime VR Object Camera. Copy the object from the first document and paste it into the QuickTime VR Object Camera document then scale it so it fits inside the box. Render from the Camera. It will produce 684 frames.

QuickTimeVR Size Settings

Here are the QuickTime VR Panorama Size settings. Using these setting will ensure that your images turn out without undesired distortions.

QTVR Reg. size = 1248 x 384 QTVR
Large size = 2496 x 768 15mm lens (focal length).

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