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Incised Lettering on Stone - 2002-06-22


As an alternative to the method outlined by Chris Hartley in FAQ 15, you can create two sets of text in Illustrator -- regular and bold -- save as outlines, Save as Illustror 5.5, then Open As EPS in Strata Studio Pro or Strata 3D. You can then offset the bold from the regular and skin them together. Make your letters anti-matter and place over your granite tombstone.

Granted, there is a lot of fiddling needed to position the letters correctly for skinning. But, when you are done you can apply one of the corrosion textures to the anti-matter letters, which will be left behind in the Boolean rendering. Looked pretty good when I tried it.
-Francis Drouillard

I have a solution for the fiddling! In illustrator, create your text, convert to outlines, then group the letter forms. Select the group and copy it, then paste it in back (or front, either achieves the same thing - one group sitting directly on top of the other). Now (here comes the funky part), stroke that pasted group and pump up the stroke until you've got the bevel width you're looking for, outline the path (object>path>outline) and you now have your perfectly aligned bevel. You'll have to delete one of the 2 original groups (the outline command extraplolates geometry without eliminating the source path) and may have to use Pathfinder to unite the stroked holes with the expanded letterforms. You may also have to eliminate the rare added bezier node so that your skin operation in strata works smoothly.

I only mention this because many typefaces vary greatly in their bold and book versions (meaning they are not directly expanded copies and will not always align as you might imagine). This method also allows for precise bevels on those one-off typefaces that don't have bold counterparts.
-William Bart

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