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2012-03-16 17:43

Why doesn't the Aura show on an object placed behind a glass object?

Answer: Auras are created after the rendering is done and is only applied to portions of the object not hidden behind other objects.

What you have to do is multi-pass renders using alpha channels and then composite the renders together. There is an example of this technique on the StrataCafe under the name GlassAura. The file names below refer to files in the example.

When it comes time to do the rendering start by hiding your glass object and render everything else. Save the render (glow 2.pct). Now hide everything else and show the glass object only. Render it with an alpha channel and save the render (glass 2.pct). Now open the renders in Photoshop and place them both in one document. Convert the Background layer to a normal layer. Place the layer with the alpha channel on top of the other layer. Convert the alpha channel to a mask and you're done.

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