Export Texture Problems - I'm seeing some texture problems in the U3D file when I open it in Design 3D CX. Is this caused by overlapping meshes?

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2011-12-15 23:15

When you Export from Enfold in the U3D file format, an inner and outer mesh is created. Because the inner and outer mesh are created in exactly the same place, you may occasionally get texture anomolies.

For some projects, it will be appropriate to delete the inner mesh. You can check this by hiding the inner mesh, and then rendering. You can find, select, hide or delete the inner and outer meshes in the Project window.

For other projects, you may want to adjust the size of the inner mesh so that it does not conflict with the outer mesh.

To do this, open the open the model in Design 3D. Next, with the Project Window open, select the object and open up its Base Properties.

You will see the "inside" and "outside" mesh entries. Now select the mesh named "inside".

Bring up the Transform tab of the Object Properties palette. Click on the Scale tool icon radio button. You can now enter smaller numbers in each of the x, y and z fields to scale the mesh down.

If you need to further fine tune the mesh, you can use the Edit button on the top of the Tool palette to take the mesh into Edit mode, where you can edit individual polygons or groups of polygons.

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