Confirmation Email - I installed Enfold, and registered with Esko, but I haven't received my confirmation email to activate the software.

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2012-12-18 14:22

First check your spam/junk mailboxes to make sure that the email didn't get trapped there. If you work for a corporation, the email may also be caught by your company spam filters or firewall - check with your IT department.

If you still can't locate the activation email, you can have it resent by following these steps:

- Go the Software Licensing pages of the Esko website, where you created your account:

- Go to "Login" and proceed. You can log-in using your account name and password, even if it hasn't been confirmed.

- When logging in, Esko notices that the account isn't confirmed yet and the first lines of text also tell you this.

It also informs you that the initial email can be resent.

- A new email will then be resent. It's called "Activate your EskoArtwork account!" and is sent by "EskoArtwork [ ]"

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