CX 7.x - Where can I find tutorials and other learning resources?

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2015-06-04 19:29

Here are some free and paid learning resources for Design 3D CX. 

- The is a great learning resource - the University contains hundreds of great tutorials for every expertise level from beginning to advanced. New material is added on a regular basis.

Some tutorials are free, but most require a subscription.

For beginners we especially recommend the Fundamentals course track on the University. You can find it here.

- The complete User Guide, which is located in the Help menu. 

- Browse or search the FAQs here in Strata Support.

- Keep an eye on the - here you'll find lots of informative topics, a gallery of gorgeous images, mini-tutorials, and some expert, helpful users.

- "The Art & Science of Strata Design 3D CX 7 Pro.” These pdfs contains a lot of in-depth learning material. Embedded videos demonstrate almost every concept that is discussed. It is available here on the Strata webstore.

- If you want more formal classes we can refer you to certified Strata trainers, who are available for in-person and online training. You can contact for this information.

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