Mac App Store - How does the Mac App Store work?

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2012-02-28 19:44

Strata now has software available on the Mac App Store - Design 3D CXi, Design 3D SE and Foto 3D SE.

App Store purchases work a lot like iTunes - you can download software and install it on different computers using your Apple account user name and password. Unlike iTunes, you can buy, download and install full software applications for the Mac. 

-The Mac App Store requires Mac OS v10.6.6 or later.

-You don't need a serial number for your software, Apple keeps track of what you have purchased.

-You can download the software again any time you need to, on the same or different computers.

-Updates to Strata software purchased through the App Store are handled through the App Store. When updates to your purchased software become available you will be able to download them through the App Store.

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