Downloading - I'm having trouble with my software download.

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2012-02-28 23:25

If you try to unzip an incomplete download, it won't work and/or you will give you various error messages.

Here are some download trouble-shooting instructions.


Windows browsers will give you an option dialog, and one of the choices is "Save As File." This is the recommended setting, because this makes the download permanent so you can back up the installer (the downloaded file). The download may take multiple tries, including at off-peak hours.


Here is the short version: If you disable the auto-open or auto-extract option in your browser, and then watch the download in the download window, you can see if it stalls.

If the download does stall, you can stop it and then start it again (resume). That way it doesn't have to start over, and you can make sure it's complete.

Note that Windows browsers do not have the auto extract options.

Download troubleshooting for Mac

If you have trouble downloading your new Strata software, please read these instructions and follow the recommendations. Any message or download must pass through multiple internet connections to get from Strata's server to your computer. Sometimes one of these connections will pause or time out, causing the download to stop.

If this happens and you are unable to unzip your download please download the software again, following these instructions:

1. Use Firefox or Safari to download your software.

2. Before starting the download, make these settings in your browser: In Safari, turn OFF the auto-extract preference setting "Open safe files after downloading." In Firefox, turn ON the preference setting "Show the Downloads window when downloading a file," and turn OFF the "Close it when all downloads are finished" option.

3. Start the download again.

4. In the Downloads window, watch the transfer rate and the amount of the file which has been downloaded. If you see the downloaded amount stop increasing, and the transfer rate drop, the download has stalled.

5. If the download stalls, click the button in the download window which pauses the download. Click the button again to resume downloading. Your software download will resume from where it stalled.

Once the download is complete, start the install process by manually decompressing the file and mounting the disk image.

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