7.5 - What's new in UV editing in v7.5?

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2013-11-01 12:20

In Design 3D CX 7.5, there are several new features to help with UV editing. These include LCSM unwrapping, cutting seams, pinning points, and other new commands to help you work more effectively and efficiently with UVs. UV unwrapping - LSCM (Least Squares Conformal Maps) is a method of UV mapping which helps minimize texture distortion.

In Design 3D, LSCM is known as Conform and Conform to Mesh. These commands generate UVs that are proportional to the UV geometry to minimize distortion. Conform is available in two ways. You can select Burn UV and use the Conform to Mesh option for the whole mesh; or you can take existing UVs into UV Edit and use the Conform command on selected elements.

Cut UV seams - You can now designate UV seams for your object. UV seams in your mesh are used in the unwrapping process for burning and editing UVs. When you unwrap the object for UV editing, the object will come apart at the designated seams and lay flat for editing.

You will want to designate UV seams before using Burn UV to generate UVs. Use the Toggle UV Seam Edges command in poly edit mode to cut seams. For more information see UV Seams in the Context Commands section of Chapter 6 - Polygonal Mesh Objects.

UV pinning - You can pin selected UV points before unwrapping. Pinning lets you "pin" down parts of your UV map, while the rest of the UVs get adjusted by the Conform command. Use the Toggle Pinned UVs command to pin points in your UV map to particular spots on your mesh, and then run the Conform operation.

New UV edit commands - These new commands help you quickly and easily fine-tune an object's UVs. The Fit to UV, Fit Each to UV, Rotate Connected to U, V, Rotate Connected to Grid, Move to U, V, and Move Center to U, V commands all help you to precisely adjust UV mapping.

For more information see Chapter 11 - UV Editing in the User Guide, and the StrataCafe.com.

Several UV mapping tutorials are available at Strata3DUniversity.com. Strata 3D University is a subscription website, however some tutorials are free.

You can find free tutorials and demonstration videos about the new v7.5 features, including UV mapping, here

Also see the tutorials in the UV Mapping category on Strata3DUniversity.com.


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