How do I start uploading content to

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2011-12-16 23:33

There are two simple steps needed before you can start uploading content to

First create an account at (You will need to register your serial number with Strata first).

Next, upload your Live 3D project from within the Live 3D CX 2 application, using Export > Direct to Web.

Now you are ready to edit the display settings, if needed.

You now have 3D content on the web. You're also set up for placing as many additional models into your account as you would like. Just use the Direct to Web command in your Live 3D application and your 3D model will automatically be added to your account on the website.

Step by step instructions:

Step 1 - Create an account at uses the same log-on email and password as Strata's registration database.

If you have already registered your Live 3D serial number at http://, you can use that log-in (your email address) and password, and will recognize you the first time you log on. An account will be created automatically on

If you have not yet registered your serial number, you will not be able to log in to Instead, you will be prompted to go to Strata's registrations site, http:// There you will need to create an account (if you haven't already) and then register your new Live 3D CX 2 serial number.

Once you register your serial number, you will be able to log on to, using the same email and password.

Step 2 - Upload Your Content

You can upload your content to from within the Strata Live 3D CX 2 application. Just select Direct to Web from the Export menu, and your project will be uploaded to the website. You may need to be log on to to use the Direct to Web command successfully.

Make sure you complete Step 1 (create your account) first. You will see a "Successful Upload" message in orange on the left side of the page when your content is successfully uploaded.

Step 3 - Edit Your Live 3D CX 2 Content

Once you have uploaded content to, you have several options for managing your content. You can delete content, preview your 3D objects, edit your default settings, change the privacy setting, embed etc. Click the "Edit online Live 3D assets" link on the left side of the website to view or edit your Live 3D objects.

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