Install fails - I downloaded the Enfold installer, but it's not working.

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2011-12-13 18:54

If you are having trouble installing the trial or purchased version of Strata Enfold 3D CX, there are some things you should check before contacting Strata technical support:

-Make sure you have the latest Enfold installer. If your purchased Enfold several months or years ago, and are using a newer OS or new Illustrator version, the installer you have may not be current. The current installer has been updated for Mac OS 10.7.x (Lion), Illustrator 5, and Illustrator 5.1 (part of the Adobe Creative Suite 5.5).

If you're not sure which installer you have, find the installer (an .exe or .dmg file) and check the Get Info (Mac) or Properties (Win). This should show you the installer version, its size, and the date it was created.

You can find the latest installer on our free updates page:

 -You may have gotten an incomplete download. An incomplete download of an installer can return strange error messages, or just fail to run. The installer sizes are listed on the Free Updates page (see above). Checking the installer size is a good way to tell if you got the whole download.

-If you are running any other Esko products, this can sometimes cause conflicts. If this is the case, please contact Strata technical support.

-You may also have gotten a partial install. Although rare, it is possible, and can cause strange error messages or alerts. In this case you should remove any files or folders that may have been installed.

NOTE: ALL Enfold and Esko files need to be removed, or the reinstall WILL fail. Once you have found and removed these files, go ahead and reinstall Enfold 3D.

The files you need to remove are:

For Macintosh Users:

/Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS4 (& CS3) ->EskoArtwork

/Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS4 (& CS3)/Plug-ins ->EskoArtwork and Strata

NOTE: In older versions of Strata Enfold 3D CX, the folders are named "Esko-Graphics" rather than "EskoArtwork."


/Applications folder:
Strata Enfold 3D CX program folder


Enfold 3D CX Sample Files.pkg

Strata Enfold 3D CX.pkg

Essential Files.pkg or Licensing.pkg If you find one or both of these files, remove them.

NOTE: Older versions of Strata Enfold 3D CX installed a receipt called "Essential Files.pkg". You should also remove this receipt if it is present.

For Windows Users:
Run the Uninstaller Control Panel to remove the program.

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