Reflections - I can't figure out how to get reflections on my rendered object.

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2011-12-20 22:26

Having good reflections adds more realism to a rendering than almost anything else - so this is a good thing to master. 

It's important to understand that you must first have a reflective texture applied to the object, and second, you must have something in your model to provide reflections. There are several ways to provide reflections:

- Insert other objects into the scene.

- Place a "Reflective" background in your model using the Environment palette.

- Light your scene with an interesting Lightdome. Make sure to enable the Reflected checkbox in the "Use Lightdome for Background" section  Environment palette. 

- Add an embedded reflection to the object's texture, using the Embedded Reflection channel in the Image Texture dialog. 

Of course the texture on your object must be at least somewhat reflective. Use the Reflectivity channel in the Image Texture dialog to control how reflective your texture is. For more information, see the User Guide, which is located in the Help menu.

Also see the many discussions and examples on the forum and gallery sections of the  

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