CX 7 - Do the Photoshop plug-ins work with Photoshop CS 6?

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2014-06-10 17:12

Design 3D CX 7 and earlier versions came with several Photoshop plug-ins. These are optional plug-ins, and can be installed when you first run the Design 3D CX installer, or later if you wish. These plug-ins have been discontinued in Design 3D CX 7.5.

The Photoshop plug-ins that ship with Design 3D CX 7 are not compatible with Photoshop CS6: this includes Match, Model New, Model Edit and Render.  

Remember, you don't need any version of Adobe® Photoshop® to use Design 3D CX. You can use all of the modeling, animation, texturing and rendering features in Design 3D without Photoshop.

Some of the Adobe connection features in Design 3D work with any version of Photoshop. These take advantage of 2D Photoshop files:

- Link to Layered Photoshop Document in the Image Texture dialog allows you to use a linked PS file as an image map. Changes made in the PS file are automatically used in the Design 3D texture.

- Render to (Photoshop) Layers - this outputs your rendering in PS layers for easy post-production work.

- Image maps created in any version of Photoshop and saved (as TIFF, JPEG, PSD, etc.) can be loaded into the texture channels as image maps for creating textures.

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