What is the Strata 3D University?

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2013-12-03 10:26

The Strata 3D University at Strata3DUniversity.com is a tutorial website with learning resources for Strata software products.

Whether you're an existing Strata Design 3D user, or new to 3D entirely, the Strata 3D University will help you unlock your 3D design potential.

Strata 3D University tutorials begin with the basics and progress through stunning realism, covering the gamut of 3D topics. For Design 3D CX owners and trial downloaders, this ongoing learning resource will lead you down the path to becoming a 3D design professional.

The website has more than 600 tutorials, with more than 1,300 individual videos, and more are being added weekly (or more often). A few of the tutorials are free, most require a subscription. The subscription is $14.95/month - a very good value. The first two weeks is only $.99, and you can cancel at ANY time.

There are prepaid 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions available here.

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