How do I prepare my 3D model for the web or pdf?

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2010-10-22 22:49

Getting an attractive and responsive 3D web object or PDF export requires a good balance between speed and quality, and each project will be different. There are several things you can do to prepare a model for export into Live 3D CX.

If your model was created for some other purpose – such as manufacturing, high resolution illustration, or movie special effects – you’ll find that there will likely be extra polygons, objects and high resolution texture maps that aren’t necessary for your Live 3D presentation.

If possible, you’ll want to clean up or remove some of these objects prior to exporting the model for use in Live 3D. Some of the issues of concern include:

  • Small Details (nuts, bolts, etc.)
  • Hidden & Unused Details (internal machinery, components, etc.)
  • Fine Details (high polygon count representation of surfaces.
  • High Resolution Textures (images that are meant for very close examination in the original model but may not see such scrutiny in your Live 3D presentation)

Once you take these steps and bring your 3D model into Live 3D, you'll want to take advantage of the Level of Detail and other Live 3D features to further optimize your model. For more information, see Section 4.1 in the User Guide: Making Efficient Models. 

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