OBJ - When I export to OBJ, I just get a plain object, with no textures. How can I export the texture?

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2013-10-23 12:28

The OBJ export creates three different files. You will need to have all three files in the same location to successfully bring the object and texture into another program. The easiest way to do this is to create a new folder when exporting.

OBJ export produces these files:

- The OBJ file containing only the model's geometry.

- Image maps exported to JPG (jpeg) files. If your model has no textures with image maps, no JPEGs will be created.

- A materials or .mtl file. This will have the same name as the OBJ file, which describes which image maps are applied to which geometry.

You must move all of the files together to get the image maps brought into the importing program. We recommend that you create a folder to export into. All the files must be in the same location in order for the image maps to be brought into the importing program.

NOTE: Only the topmost texture is exported -  the one at the top of the list in the Textures tab of the Object Properties palette.

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