Disk Errors on Windows NT - 2002-04-10

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I'm running NT and have twice received the "Strata cannot initialize due to a disk error. I went to the FAQ area on the Strata site. It talks about removing the preferences file but I can't seem to locate it on NT. I have to delete all references to it in the registry and reinstall. Is there a simplier solution?

Answer: To remove the preferences on Windows machines (both NT and 98) use the Regedit program. Go to the hkey_current_users entry and expand it. Now expand the Software entry. Find the Strata folder and delete it. Now quit the Regedit program. You will have to re-enter the registration information the next time you start SSP but it is not necessary to reinstall it.

About the initialization error message you might want to try defragmenting your hard drive.

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