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I try to make my Strata models as logical as possible using shapes & shape names in the hope that when I import a Stata exported DXF's into another 3D package that the same hiearchy comes through, but it never does.

Answer:Strata's DXF export is not broken, it's been fine all along, we just haven't been using it correctly.

To use Strata to export DXFs which will re-import properly, shapes intact, you have to name your shapes the way it wants you to: LAYER_shapename.

My experiment:

I did a quick test in 3.6. Strata is not melding shapes for me as it used to, but it does not seem to be fixed exactly as I had thought.

I inserted the standard Strata teapot shape into the work space, and exported to DXF. When I imported again, the first level shape was named correctly, but any hierarchy behind that was lost: the parts were melded together into one mesh.

Then I tried another approach. I inserted the teapot into a model scene, and renamed the 3 parts as Strata names DXF objects on import:


When I followed this naming convention, Strata exported the the parts as separate entities. So the reason I had been getting good DXF exports recently is that they were coming from another modeling program properly named, or perhaps just that Strata was naming them the way it wanted them named on import, and this carried through at export and at the second import.

THEN- I tried this naming convention in 3.03, and guess what: it works fine in 3.03 as long as the parts are named as above. So DXF export hasn't been broken, we just haven't understood how to use it.

On import, be sure to use group by layer, not color, and this should work. I don't know how groups are handled, but shapes are handled as anticipate when named properly.

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