How do I add pop-up text notes?

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2010-10-27 00:48

Interactive product tours often can be enhanced by adding text information to the 3D model, to highlight key features, or explain how something works. Here's how to add text information to your 3D model:

  1. Use the Panels > Log menu item to ensure the Log panel is showing, and select the Progress Messages button at the top of that panel.
  2. Hold down the Shift key and click on the 3D model where you want the mouse-over area to be centered
  3. In the log panel, the ID of the object you clicked on, and the 3D location you selected, will be printed. Write these down.
  4. Use the Edit > XML menu item to show the Master Model as XML
  5. Go to the end of the text buffer, and add a section for Triggers if there is not already one there. Put it immediately after the line reading </scripts>, so it reads:
6.           </scripts>
7.           <triggers>
8.           </triggers>
9.           <bookmarks>
  1. Now add a Trigger element into the Triggers section you just created. It should look something like this:
11.       </scripts>
12.       <triggers>
13.           <trigger desc="Text you want to\nhave pop up"
14.                    id="trigger1" object="CUBE_1"
15.                    radius="5" x="1.23" y="4.56" z="7.89" >
16.           </trigger>
17.       </triggers>
18.       <bookmarks>

The desc attribute should be set to the text you want to have appear. Note that \n can be used to force a line break. The id attribute can be anything you choose, just make sure each trigger has a different one. The object should be set to the ID you wrote down from the Log panel. The radius attribute is the size of the sensitive area in native model units. The x, y, and z attributes give the location of the center of the hot area, relative to the object. These are the numbers you wrote down from the Log panel.

When you export this model using the Export > Web > Examing menu item (or the walk-through menu item), the exporter will write extra code into the generated HTML page to create the hotspot.

The appearance of text popups is controlled by the user interface template, such as annArbor.jar. You can open this file using WinZIP, and edit the Meson code in the template.txt file to change attributes such as text buffer color, or font style.

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