AutoCAD - Can I import existing CAD files into Design 3D CX using DXF?

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2011-11-22 18:46

A DXF export may work well for you, but it will depend upon which version of AutoCAD you are running and what file formats it can export. DXF is a geometry-only format though so no textures, backgrounds, cameras, etc will come across.

There are several import options available for DXF files that let you specify how to transport the imported file into Strata 3D data.

If a DXF file consists of several components, each component may appear in its own shape preview on the Resource palette after importing. The entire DXF file can be easily located on the palette because it appears with the same name as the DXF file that was imported.

There is a forum thread on that you may find helpful:

You can also search the forums here:

If DXF does not work for you, Design 3D can import other formats including U3D, OBJ, Collada, and VRML2 (97). If you can export one of these formats then you should be able to import your data into Design 3D CX.  

If not, then you could use another program that can import the file, then export it to one of Strata's supported import formats.

Another option many Strata users utilize is a third party conversion utility - Okino Polytrans on Windows is one possible option. On the Mac, several of our users recommend ViaCad, which costs about $100.

You might do a search or post your question on the StrataCafe forums. There are a number of discussions about ways to get the CAD models into Design 3D CX 6 and 7.

Here is a discussion that might help. As mentioned in these discussions, if the AutoCad objects are 3D solids then you will need to convert them to polygons for Strata to be able import and use them.



There is also an inexpensive (less than $100) program called ViaCAD which a lot of our users use to convert CAD files to OBJ files which Strata can read.

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