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macOS Catalina and Design 3D Compatibility Statement

As you may know, we don’t pre-announce upgrades, but we realize this is an issue of concern for many users – especially users who update right away to the latest macOS when it comes out – so we want you to know our team is working hard in development.

Here is the most recent announcement that was made about Design 3D CX and Catalina.  This is the only information available at this time.


macOS Catalina & Design 3D CX 8

As you may have heard, macOS Catalina is now available. If you haven't heard, apps with any 32-bit code won't run. Design 3D CX 8 for Mac still has some 32-bit UI code (the important parts are 64-bit), and this means it won't run on Catalina. We are working hard on our update to eliminate the remaining 32-bit code, but it's not ready yet.

So, what should you do? Here are some thoughts from prominent publications and sites:

Waiting is often a good choice, but if you're not in a position to wait on this OS update, here are some additional options:

If you're open to running Windows software (Design 3D CX is fully 64-bit on Windows) you may want to consider this option – Strata is extending a special offer on our "CrossGrade" Windows license (saving nearly $550 off a regular new license). Why would you want to do this?

  • You get a completely separate Design 3D license for just $49.00
  • The Mac license will still be eligible for an upgrade
  • A world of Windows software opens up to you

You don't have to buy a new Windows PC in order to run this new license (though there are some very good PCs at amazingly low prices). You can also run Windows on your Mac – either within a virtual machine (Parallels is a great option) or in dual-boot (using Boot Camp).

Click here to get the PC CrossGrade for just $49.00 or go to, click on the "1 Seat, $395 option and be sure to input coupon code STRATAPRO8 at checkout.


We certainly appreciate your support as part of the Strata family – regardless of how many years you've been with us.


Ken Bringhurst, President

PS: This "CrossGrade" requires an existing Design 3D Mac license. The offer is being extended for two weeks. If you have any questions, reach out to

2019-12-07 00:21
License Server Connection Error - Solution
If you have not updated to Design 3D CX 8.1.2, then you need to do so.
We switched web hosting services about 2 weeks ago and the new server system has a newer internet connection protocol. This required a change to the Manage License functionality and that was added in the CX 8.1.1 update a few months ago. The current release is CX 8.1.2.
You can update to version 8.1.2 by using the “Check for Update” command in the Help menu to download the StrataUpdate tool. This is the recommended method, unless you are behind a company firewall that might not allow this method to work for you.
If you encounter an issue updating using the StrataUpdate tool or you have a multi-user license and need to update several computers, then you may need to download the full installer disk image. The link to the full installer disk image is below. It contains Strata Design 3D CX 8.1.2. If you use the disk image method, be sure to do both... step 1 (let the copy process finish), and then step 2 to complete the installation process.
If, after updating to CX 8.1.2, you continue to have trouble connecting to the license server, please contact technical support at
We apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for using Strata Design 3D CX.
Strata Support
2016-06-22 23:30
Design 3D CX 8 Upgrade Available

The Design 3D CX 8 upgrade is available for purchase on the Strata Store.

A list of what is new in CX 8 can be found here.


2016-06-22 23:18

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